On losing…

Nothing teaches you more than a huge fall, if you get up right away and refuse to go down again, and again.. and again! I believe that winning is a state of mind, and losing is a choice. Since for me « losing » has to do with the personal perception (outlook) we have on things.

I had the chance to face 2 great opponents in competition, Kazumi Hajime in kyokushin and Yamazaki Susumu in Kudo Daido Juku. On both occasions i wasn’t mature enough as a fighter to face such quality opponents… but backing up was never an option so i stepped-on the mat and did my best. Nothing has ever fed my spirit more than these two encounters.

How can we not enjoy the hard times in Life knowing that this is exactly what will make us a better Man? How can we not accept our defeat when we are losing against a greater opponent? I personaly believe that once we learn the fact that « we can not win all the time » we might actualy start to « never lose again! »


-Max sensei et Etienne Doré sensei.


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