Mas Oyama used to receive a constant flow of mail from students and fans throughout Japan. Many refered to students who had left him or had been expelled. Mas Oyama replied to these letters with great anguish.
Dear Masutatsu Oyama,
I have never met you in person but as a great fan of kyokushin karate i have read all your books. In the past many have left you to open their own schools, it is truly disappointing. They are living off the full-contact karate you created. As a pioneer, you must have endured hardship in the past when your karate was considered heretical. What happened to the SPIRIT? Kyokushin honors the SPIRIT of harmony, it’s a family. But i have become doubtful. I feel sorry for you that’s why i decided to write to you.
Oyama sensei, as a japanese, you are the pride of the world.
Oyama sosai’s reply.
Dear sir,
Thank you for your letter. As you said, we have not met, but i appreciate your knowing me and thus writing to me. As far as the students who have decided to leave me, « I ONLY HAVE MYSELF TO BLAME ». I feel i was born to be a budo-ka, not a leader. Kyokushin karate has grown into a huge entity with 400 000 students in Japan and 10 million worldwide. I wanted to live like Musashi Miyamoto, but i am now the head of an organization and managing it is very difficult. I am almost 70, but it is only now i realize how difficult human relationships are. I have come to feel the vanities and sorrows of humans. Thank you for your kind thoughtfulness. Right now i have many students i can trust close to me. I am also aware we have many loyal supporters like you. Thank you for your advice and your kind honorable view of kyokushin. I sincerely hope you continue to support kyokushin warmly as always.
Kyokushinkaikan, Masutatsu Oyama.

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