Hommage : Daniel Coyle

Daniel Coyle sensei is a very special man. You can ask his students or anyone who knows him. I’ve never met someone with such a huge heart. No one has influenced me « in and out the dojo » as much as him. If you ask me how i « made » it, this is my answer: « The blueprint on how to be a great family man, a good business man and a strong budoka… I borrowed from him! » In my heart, Coyle sensei is Quebec kyokushin’s best ambassador ever.
Because of him, when i was young and had no money, i was able to go to Rochester New-York and meet sosai Oyama (1993).

Because of him i had full support and the vitamins necessary for my training in Japan (1995).
Because of his support i was strong and confident to win the tournament in montreal (1995).
Because of him i placed 3rd in the Vancouver Open (1999) wich lead me to compete in the world tournament (1999). Etc.

Still today, from the Lasalle kyokushin dojo, Daniel Coyle sensei keeps sharing his love with the people around him. It’s an honor for me to share this path with such a gentleMan. Our friendship and mutual respect has no price for me. I know that Daniel is a very humble man and that he likes to work « in silence » but it’s very important to me that his name is known by all. Daniel has contributed so much for the growth of so many good kyokushin athletes for the last 25 years that it’s my pleasure to offer him these few words coming from the heart.
Kyokushin damashii is Coyle dojo! Osu!


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